ISBN: 978-0-9828874-9-3

The Amazing Queen:
Winning With Your Queens

Clement Wong

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156 pp. (paper)





Chapter 1: The Explorer

An off-shape double

A long-suit double

A formula for 3NT

Stranger in the night

Running with Forrest Gump

Spotting spot cards

Landy for a brave heart

Michaels with a Yarborough

The three-five preempt

An unbalanced opening

Norwegian wood

Slam with a single ace

Jump before you leap

Raising a doubled small slam

A grand opening

The law of grand slam


Chapter 2: Treasuring Your Queen

A perfect painting

A redundant finesse


A miniskirt finesse

Missing a U-turn

Blowing your horn

A supernatural finesse

A supernatural scissors

The queen sacrifice

A Trojan horse

Helen of Troy

Unreachable sky

An American duck

Queen camouflage 1993

Queen camouflage 2001

Queen camouflage 2010


Chapter 3: A Golden Opening

Queening your lead

Queen identity

Trapping a king

A princely jack

An impossible dream

A possible dream


An honourable king

A humiliated king

A foolish lead

A disturbing lead

An impossible singleton

A dauntless assumption

A duck in the mirror

A vulnerable duck

A righteous lead

Clashing your own aces


Chapter 4: A Ruffing Master Plan

The detective


An unnecessary surplus

Flying over a Great Wall

An illusory crossruff

A law of physics

Beauty with a mask

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

An old vintage


Chapter 5: Creative Entries

A rising jack

A tale of four jacks

Achilles' heel

Give dummy a massage

Basic instinct

Archimedes' principle

Switching your front line

A vanishing king


Chapter 6: Queen Defence

Hiding partner's queen

Hiding a king

A revealing singleton

An innocent queen

A glamorous queen

Fortune transformation

Reversing an endplay

A fifth dimension

Dancing queen

The great pretender

A real and sham sacrifice


Chapter 7: Queen Play

A philosophical queen

A sham queen sacrifice

A lonely jack

A little bit of help

A busy defender

A bachelor king

A psychic and a mathematician


Chapter 8: Trump Soldiers

A beloved lady

Lonely jack versus lonely queen

An arithmetic subtraction


Sleeping with your enemy

A stripping chase

Familiar trump faces

A scented ruff

A defensive trump squeeze

A submarine in heaven

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