Big Deal:
A Memoir From the Wonderful world of Bridge
Augie Boehm

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215 pp. (paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9753419-7-1

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In a sense, everyone who influenced my bridge development played a role in producing this book. The most influential you will meet in the following pages.

To single out a few, there are my editors, Brent Manley of the American Contract Bridge League's Bridge Bulletin, and, especially, Jeff Rubens of The Bridge World. Their guidance and wise counsel over the years provided encouragement and honed my writing skills.

Closer to the bone are the Boehms, George and Alice, my parents who respectively taught and nurtured my bridge. And most important is Melissa Hubner, my wife, the most dedicated rooter, supporter, and invaluable advisor. On my personal rating system, she is off the scsles.

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