Demon Defense and Demon Doubling:
Defend With Skill and Double for Keeps
Augie Boehm

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June 2004
172 pp. (paperback)
ISBN: 0-9728061-4-8

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Part I: Demon Defense


  1. The Right Attitude
  2. Defend With Finesse
  3. A Covering Note
  4. Preserve Long-Suit Entry
  5. Hold That Entry!
  6. Second Hand High
  7. Declarer's Advantage
  8. Sink the Suit
  9. Discards
10.Creative Discarding
11.Suit Preference
12.Subtle Help
14.Quiet or Busy?
15.Separating Signals
16.Midterm Exam

Part II: Demon Doubler

17.Penalty Doubles--The Foundation
18.The Timid Doubler
19.The Tepid Doubler--Part I
20.The Tepid Doubler--Part II
21.The Confident Doubler--Part I
22.The Confident Doubler--Part II
23.The Confident Doubler--Part III
24.Confidence Shaken
25.Confidence Shaky
26.Restoring Confidence
27.Confidence Regained
28.Trump Control
29.Going for the Kill
30.Partnering a Demon Doubler
31.Sally Fourth, Demon Doubler
32.Final Exam

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