Marketing to the European Laboratory:
A Guide to Doing Business in Europe

Robert L. Stevenson and Peter J. Jenks

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314 pp.
ISBN: 0-9664286-3-3


1.1-Getting Ready

2.0-The Business Plan or Model Basics
2.1-Developing the Plan

3.0-The European Market for Laboratory Supplies
3.1-Doing Your Research
3.2-Historical Perspective
3.4-Market Characteristics
3.5-Busines Beyond 2000

4.0-The Single Market
4.1-Reaction of the Market
4.2-Currencies and the Euro
4.3-The Consequences of a Single Currency
4.4-The Euro and Doing Business in theEU

5.0-European Business Practice
5.1-Selling Methods
5.2-Service Expectations
5.3-Delivery Methods and Charges
5.4-Shipping Documentation
5.5-Payment and Discounts
5.5-Letters of Credit
5.6-Credit insurance
5.7-Debt Collection
5.8-Entertainment, Gifts, Benefit in Kind
5.9-Pricing of Imported Products

6.0-European Quality Issues
6.1-Accreditation and Certification
6.2-Accreditation and Laboratory Supplies
6.3-ISO 9000, EN 45000, and ISO Guides in the Laboratory
6.4-Quality Standards and the CE Mark
6.5-Product Warranty
6.6-European Chemical Regulatory Requirements

7.0-Sources of Data
7.2-Government Data
7.3-Commercial Data Sources
7.4-Exhibition Reports and Media Packs
7.5-Quality Industry Data
7.6-Trade Associations
7.7-Data Segmentation
7.8-Appendix: Introductory Chapters of a CCG for Austria

8.0-Selling into Europe
8.1-Into the 21st Century
8.2-The Distributor
8.3-Types of Distribution Arrangements
8.4-Comparison of Distribution Channels

9.0-Hiring and Appointment Procedures
9.1-Distributors and Commercial Agents
9.2-Local Staff
9.3-Managing Sales in Europe

10.0-European Law
10.1-The Treaties
10.4-Decisions of the European Court of Justice
10.5-The Relationship Between European Law and National Law
10.6-Doing Business in the European Union: The Legal Framework
10.7-Competition and Monopolies
10.8-Finding a Lawyer

11.0-The Distribution Contract
11.1-The Text
11.2-Confidentiality Agreement
11.3-Trademark and Intellectual Property

12.0-Working in Europe

12.3-Cost of Working in Europe
12.4-Employment Law
12.5-Tax and Deductions

13.0-Laboratory Supplies Markets in India, China, and Japan

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